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Aquamarine Gemstone Beauty Aquamarine Gemstone Beauty

Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarine Rings


Beauty of Aquamarine Gemstones

Mined on the continent of Africa, in Ceylon, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Russia, the most beautiful of the aquamarines come from Brazil. The largest aquamarine ever cut was the 'Dom Pedro', which weighed in at 26Kg or almost 58 pounds! The surgery was performed in 1992 by Bernd Munsteiner of the famed gem cutting center at Idar-Oberstein in Germany.

The aquamarine leads the way in variety of cuts. Designers favor it because of its seeming willingness to be worked with and to behave as the artist wishes. Inclusions other minerals trapped within a gemstone should they exist, are often brought into play in a most satisfying and pleasing manner by craftsmen. The aquamarine is a stone that begs encourages creativity.

As far as the color of the aquamarine is concerned, it can range in tincture from an almost colorless clear, pale blue right on up the scale to what we refer to today as teal. However, the most sought after shade on the aquamarine's pallet is a deep blue aqua color reminiscent of both the sea and the sky. The more intense the color, the more the aquamarine is valued. It has been mentioned by some that women view the blue of the aquamarine to be the ideal complement to any skin or eye color. Consequently, this is another reason why designers are always anxious to push the envelope of creativity. It is, in fact, the favorite stone of many jewelry artisans.

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Aquamarine Jewelry


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Aquamarine Gemstone Beauty

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