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Ruby Myth and Significance

This brings us to the traits associated with the ruby. In the 14th century, Sir John Mandeville, a somewhat shadowy figure, who in fact may have been a composite of several people, asserted that the owner of a brilliant ruby will “live in peace and concord with all men, that neither his land nor his rank will be taken from him and that he will be preserved from all perils…(the ruby) set in a ring or bracelet or brooch should be worn on the left side”. It is only a short hop from this point to Indian cultures, wherein it is claimed that the ruby is the symbol of immortality.

In Burma, where the finest specimens of the gem are found, this whole idea gets carried even further. To be truly effective as a talisman, it is recommended that the ruby should be physically inserted under the flesh of the owner.

Not only is Burma the home of the Cadillac of rubies, the Burmese or pigeon-blood red, is the top of the line in the way of most desirable color of the ruby. Although stones of this shade are only found infrequently outside Burma, other, less rare, less colorful, rubies are mined in Vietnam, Thailand, Ceylon, Pakistan, and of course in India.

While the Burmese assertions about insertions may seem a bit extreme, western society ascribes numerous traits and characteristics of its own to the ruby. Perhaps what first comes to mind when we think of the ruby are love, romance, vivacity, passion and power. Going hand in hand with these qualities are wealth and courage.

Two more elements have long been associated with the ruby: fire and blood – which symbolize warmth and life for mankind. The guarantee of spiritual health fits here as well. The blessings of charity, wisdom, confidence and stability ascribed to the ruby are transferred to the owner of the gem. These aspects naturally lead one to think of royalty – with which the ruby has long been connected. This, of course, is only fitting as the ruby plays out its accepted role as King of the Gemstones.

14K White Gold Floral Ruby Cross Pendant 3 Stone Ruby and Diamond Channel Stone Ring Cross and Heart Ruby and Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold
14K White Gold Floral Ruby Cross Pendant 3 Stone Ruby and Diamond Channel Stone Ring Cross and Heart Ruby and Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold


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Ruby Jewelry Myth

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